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This site simply has a list of bolt patterns, followed by vehicles that carry that bolt pattern. Simply find your vehicle, and easily see which other cars have wheels/rims that carry the same bolt pattern as. No, different bolt pattern. Some Ford and Dodge vehicles have the same bolt pattern. Must be similar vehicle type: Pick Up or car I found the bolt pattern and pilot hole similar. The difference was in the depth of the rim. The Chevy rim fouled outside edge of the Dodge brake caliper. Note: I only tested the front tires and do not know how it. 28/05/2008 · When I was researching using H2 rims on my 2004 Ram 2500 I found out that they used the same 8 on 6.5 lug pattern but the center of the H2 rim was too small to fit over the dodge hub. Also make sure they have enough space to fit the dodge brake caliper. Some 17" are not big enough inside. 27/08/2006 · i think ford wheels will fit but not dodge. i had a set of dodge steel wheels given to me that i was gonna use for snow tires on my chevy van but they would not fit. are they super cheap ?? if so it may be worth a try but do you really want a ram head on your center cap if you drive a chevy. look on ebay for a set of newer style chevy wheels.

12/07/2009 · There are a couple of sets of Dodge rims around. Will they fit my Chevy? One seller said the Dodge bore is 120.9MM while the Chevy is 116.6MM. So they would physically fit, but the bore would not be carrying any weight. Anyone have personal experience with this? 09/03/2009 · Need model for each part of this swap. Most 5lug wheels are 5x100mm or 5x4.5in 114.3mm so just measure from the lugs as follows below I apologize for the crappy picture below. If its the 6 lug, yes and no. I just put a set of 16" chevy 1500 6 lug rims on my 89 d21. I first fit the rims on and noticed the center hole on the rims were too small to fit over the center of the hubs on the d21. The Dodge Dakota has 5 lug wheels. the ford wheels are a hub-centric wheel and from what i understand the bore on 2010- up are 1mm smaller than the 2004-2008 so it wont seat properly. aftermarket wheels are a lug-centric so anything with the same lug pattern and right offset will work.

06/06/2010 · it wont fit Homie. i bought wheels off my homies 05 Silverado for my 05 F150 and they didnt fit. All Ford make 6 lug trucks are unique lug patter. some wheels are universal 6 lug, they will have two sets of holes that may fit ford/lincoln patterns. trust me tho, dont waste ur time trying to make them fit. 19/01/2009 · Most Ford cars, Chrysler and Jeep products have a 5 on 4-1/2 pattern and will fit fine. I put a set of Mustang alloy 7 x 15 rims on my '05 5-lug and used the stock Toyota lugs. I put two sizes larger tires on, and it rides and handles a lot better, partly due to the wider stance. The Mustang wheels have more offset, and they look much better. Do 6 lug Chevy rim fit Dodge Durango 6 lug? Answer. Wiki User August 08, 2014 8:50PM. No, the Durango bolt pattern is smaller. I already tried. as long as its a 5 lug rim and 5 lug wheel on the dodge as long as its a 5 lug rim and 5 lug wheel on the dodge Asked in Chevy Silverado Could 2004 silverado 2500hd rims fit 1995 silverado 2500?

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